Moments are gone when I’d realise my faults, Which have been taken for granted. Now the situations follow me everywhere, Followed now everywhere I’m, By my situations. Make me feel like always being haunted, Shedding off now all the poison, On your white skin. And still, I don’t want to be left behind, As faulted. . . Continue reading Faulted

Delhi Gangrape Case

A look on the rape cases (2012) Pending cases of rape in Delhi’s Distt. Courts: Courts                                   Cases: Saket Court                        2445 Teeshazari                          1605 Kadkad Duma,   2660 Patiyala House  Dwarika, Rohini 3322 Total                                      10032   Some rape cases where justice was  delayed: Shanti Mukund Hospital Nurse Case:  A nurse of this hospital was raped and her eyes were damaged by accused Bhura. He was ordered life time imprisionment in 2007 but she had to lose her eyes. The victims had to suffer the court from 2003 to 2007. The high court ordered to pay her 5 lacs. Bhajenpura School girl rape … Continue reading Delhi Gangrape Case

A question to you all

A question to the Humanity It is said that human beings are social animals. But what happens when they go away from the socialism? What happens when human become more like animals? What is hu? What is man? What is human? Do we care about our rules, regulations, principles? Where are our ethics? And where are our morals? A question to the people of India: Do you think that you all are living in a free atmosphere? Do you feel that you breath free air? A questions to the girls: Do you think that you are secure and breath freely? … Continue reading A question to you all


Life is beautiful. Don’t let it go up in smoke. – All the products containing tobacco like cigarettes, Bidis, hukkas, Paan masala, Gutka, Khaini, Mawa and Snuff lead to diseases and death by causing: # cancer of  mouth, throat, lungs, larynx, food pipe, urinary bladder, kidney, pancreas and cervix. # Accelerating heart diseases and hyper tension. # Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) # Reproductive problems like impotence in men and sterility in   women. Smokers have: @ 20-25 times higher risk of developing lung cancer. @ 2-3 times higher risk of having a heart attack. @ 3 times higher risk of sudden death. Passive … Continue reading LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL