Dont blame others for your failure

Dont try to blame your surroundings. Avoid saying we dont have proper sources. We didnt get such an environment. Your success does not depend on your environment, upon your surroundings or your resources. Your success depends just on you. When you blame you time, your fate, it means that you are trying to escape from your hardwork, or you want to run away, you want to get rid of it.
Nobody is 100% prefect in this world. Everyone have to make things on their own.
When I talk to people about this, most of them have only one problem i.e. they lack resources, environment, that kind of environment. When I asked some of my friends that why are they so weak at speaking or writing English, they usually say as they are from government school, they are from Hindi medium, they grew up in a backward area where there no English at all.
But no one commits that I didn’t tried to learn it. This all shows that they just try to blame their background.
One more example, I sit together with some of my friends and discuss about such topics, they compare themselves with other countries. They say a high school student in Japan knows how to make a computer software, but we don’t even know the alphabets of it. Here, they start blaming the education system of our country. But they all have forgotten that most of the software engineers in those countries are all Indians.
Michael Jackson never went for dance or music coaching classes. But today all over the world, millions of coaching classes are running on his name. Einstein never went to any institute to study physics. But today all the engineering students study him. These are a few example from history of such people who made their own future, who created their own environment. They also lacked good environment, even these people spent their time in more harsh conditions than us. But if they would too lack their environment like we do, they’d also be lost in the crowd of the world somewhere else. But they made their own unique identity in the whole world. Away from this crowd. There are so many people in the history who only learn t from their surroundings, who learn t only from what they had and reached to their goal.
Similarly if we utilize our time in a prefect way, we can reach for our goal.
If we have will power, we can make the best of those things what we have.
So finally, the main thing is to work with what we have rather than blaming others. No one is prefect. Everyone had to adjust with their resources and make the best use of them.
Some people blame others for their failure that they were not in a good school, their teachers didn’t teach them well, they didn’t get such an opportunity, they escape from the truth that they were loser. They must commit that they were loser rather than blaming other people.
People find ways to describe how they got failed rather than to find where they went wrong?


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