i love you mom

I was the reason for your smile
I was in pain when you cried
When I opened my eyes
You might have realized
You had a vision
your dreams were true
But I was just a child
and I was quit confused
So kind heart and so nice
I was not young enough to know
who made the sacrifice
But I had found
It was only you
My happiness was in your smile
Yes I understand
And your smile was in my hands
I did not open them
Time passed and i grew up
You still love me so much
And you still cared me so much
I can still feel your sweet hug
I stepped out of the house to play
with some friends and lots of clay
But i didn’t know how much were you worried?
Your all happiness and smile were buried.
And I started to go to school
You cried on the door waiting for me
Other would have thought you fool
Everyday it was hard for you
To stay away from me
But pain in your eyes I could not see
I remember when I turned nine
I called you MINE and
you had best time
Today I am young enough to understand your price
But I cant pay for you all sacrifices
I would have hurt you so many times
So many times I made you cry
Your life was full of hurdles
And I can pay for your struggle
I never knew there was a corner in our home
And you used to sit here and cry whenever you feel alone
I saw an Angel with tears
After some times it got disappear
I didn’t got a chance to even open my eyes
What was important for me
A girl’s smile or Your life
I am out of home
But writing you this with watery eyes
I am very far away from home
making parties and cheer
But I know the pain and your tear
I know I have been wrong
I know what was there
Holding me so tight
I have known now who am I?
And what is right?
Some thoughts in my mind and
Conflicts and fight
I have lost my way
Please be my light
I have lost myself in this night
Please hold my hand be my light
Now you don’t have to wait long
You have nothing to feel alone
I love you very much mom
And I am coming home…

(My this letter is dedicated to my mom, who made so many sacrifices just to see me happy. I hope she would understand this that I love her so much. I got inspiration from my trainer MANVEER when she told me about the value of mom in life. I got inspiration from her. A letter to my mom inspired by Manveer)


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