Self Evaluation Test.

Personality is what sets apart a Steve Jobs from others. So what about your own personality? To get an idea, ask your friends to describe  you in three or more words like friendly, creative, organized, withdrawn or assertive. Their responses will provide useful hints on impressions other people form about.

The Big Five Personality Theory:

The five dimensions of personality are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

v           People who are imaginative, eager to try new things and open to risk taking fall in the high end of openness. On the lower end are people who prefer concrete facts to abstract information.

v           Organized, disciplined and loyal individuals are described as conscientious. They are committed and have the desire to achieve. Successful business men display this trait.

v           Some are assertive like being the centre of attention. They find the company of other simulating. They are natural extroverts.

v           Some are friendly pleasant and easy going. They build strong relationships. They display high degree of agreeableness. On the lower end of this scale are people who express their opinions without concern for the other person’s feelings.

v           Some are the worrying kind. Consequently, prone to ill-health.

These dimensions are correlated, for instance, agreeableness and extraversion. Traits also tend to overlap. Researchers have now come up with a  NEO PERSONALITY INVENTORY where each traits described above has six facets. These sub traits can be assessed independently. This model is widely accepted by psychologists. Personality tests are available for matching it with your career. But they need to be used with other methods to make the right choice.

To assess if you are fit for a career in outsourcing, ask yourself these questions and be true and honest in answering them:

  • Are you patient listener?  YES/NO
  • Do you like making new contacts, conversing with new people?  YES/NO
  • Do you place a premium in your reliability factor? YES/NO
  • Are you good at keeping secrets? YES/NO
  • Can you handle sensitive information? YES/NO
  • Are you empathetic by nature? YES/NO
  • Can you comprehend/understand things fast? YES/NO
  • Can you think on your feet? YES/NO
  • Do you have the tact and diplomacy to deal with difficult people?  YES/NO
  • Do you have a nigh level of tolerance? YES/NO
  • Are you good in communication skill? YES/NO
  • Are you good at working in teams? YES/NO
  • Can you work for long hours without a break? YES/NO
  • Are you willing to work unearthly hours? YES/NO
  • Are you good at meeting deadlines? YES/NO
  • Are you confident of dealing with work related stress? YES/NO
  • Do you thrive in a competitive atmosphere? YES/NO
  • Do you like to perform repetitive tasks without getting bored? YES/NO


15 or more of YES, then you can do every well in this career.

10-15 YES, then you can consider this as a career option but it will take you some time to settle in a job.

Less then 10, try your luck elsewhere.


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