A question to you all

A question to the Humanity
It is said that human beings are social animals. But what happens when they go away from the socialism? What happens when human become more like animals?
What is hu? What is man? What is human?
Do we care about our rules, regulations, principles? Where are our ethics? And where are our morals?
A question to the people of India:
Do you think that you all are living in a free atmosphere?
Do you feel that you breath free air?
A questions to the girls:
Do you think that you are secure and breath freely? Do you feel secure to step out from your house even in the day?
A question to the contractors of the country:
Why do you shout deep to your throat that we are developing, that we are the most rapidly emerging country on the glob, while no one is secure with in the country? Everyday a girl is gang raped, before the eyes of everybody and the government say that this is wrong, we will take actions against it. And finally what action is taken, we all know about it. The victim girls commits suicide and the culprits walk on the roads.


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