Delhi Gangrape Case

A look on the rape cases (2012)

Pending cases of rape in Delhi’s Distt. Courts:

Courts                                   Cases:

Saket Court                        2445

Teeshazari                          1605

Kadkad Duma,   2660

Patiyala House 

Dwarika, Rohini 3322

Total                                      10032


Some rape cases where justice was  delayed:

Shanti Mukund Hospital Nurse Case:

 A nurse of this hospital was raped and her eyes were damaged by accused Bhura. He was ordered life time imprisionment in 2007 but she had to lose her eyes. The victims had to suffer the court from 2003 to 2007. The high court ordered to pay her 5 lacs.

Bhajenpura School girl rape case:

A school girl was raped in 1999. Police took long time to declare the crime. And the court ordered 10 years punishment to the rapist, and later was freed as he had spent long time in jail.

Buddha Jayanti Park case:

6 October, 2003, President’s 4 bodygaurds Harpreet, Satyender, Manish and Kuldeep raped a D.U. student. The justice took 9 years. The court ordered life time imprisonment to Hardeep and Satyender and 10 years punishment to Manish and Kuldeep.






2012: Main Cases:


1. 16 years old girl was kidnapped and gangraped for 2 months,total 4 people were arrested including three law students of Jamia.

2. 25 years old gangraped, one arrested.

3. Live-in-partner and his 4 friends gangraped a girl and recorded MMS in New Friends Colony.

4. Two D.U. students were gangraped, 3 arrested.

5. 16 years old was kidnapped and gangraped by a placement agencies’s owner and her friend in Khayala, arrested.

6. 20 years old was gangraped by Railway ‘s security police at New Delhi Raliway Station, 2 arrested.

7. A women was gangraped in a car by four people in Prashant Vihar market, they were her known, arrested.

8. A woman working in Water Board was gangraped by 8 people, they left her on Agra Highway near Ballabhgarh,  culprit caght.

9. 29 years old was gangraped at her friend’s home, her friend and friend’s husband caught.

10. A woman came to LOknayak JayPrakash Hospital for treatment was gangraped and murdered, three arrested of Old Delhi.



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